A box full of happiness at Wokinabox

Asian fast food is the not just a quick meal fix for those lazy days. It can also be your dose of healthy and tasty meals that is driven by a passion for fresh Asian cuisine. Find a box full of happiness at Wokinabox, a vibrant brand based on a very creative & unique approach to Asian food!
They opened the first Wokinabox store in Adelaide, South Australia in 2002. Their restaurants quickly became a business success as customers fell in love with Wokinabox. Inspired by the aromas and tastes of Asia, soon they grew across Adelaide, Perth, Queensland, and Canberra, as people responded to a fast food option that was a genuine home meal replacement at a reasonable price, personally cooked for them using fresh ingredients.
Today they offer a great range of dishes and exciting limited time meals, not only for customers to take away, but also to eat in at one of our stores across Australia.

Their menu boasts of some delish dishes such as Noodle, stir fry soup & rice dishes from 5 Asian food cultures; Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese & Japanese wrapped up in an iconic packaging. Their food is tasty, unique, healthy & environmentally inclined too since we use water saving equipment, waste management systems & encourage recycling.


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