A crave worthy experience at California Pizza Kitchen

In the heart of Beverly Hills, California, in the year 1985, two former federal prosecutors, Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax, driven by their passion for food and fresh, high-quality ingredients, embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary. California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) was thus born. 

Their vision was to redefine the pizza experience, moving away from the traditional Italian fare and embracing the vibrant spirit of California cuisine. With a bold and innovative approach, they introduced the world to the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, a culinary masterpiece that ignited a new era of pizza-making. 

From humble beginnings, CPK quickly captured the hearts and taste buds of Californians, its unique pizzas becoming the epitome of California-style cuisine. The restaurant’s success was not merely due to its innovative pizzas but also to its commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients and its dedication to creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. 

Over the years, CPK has continued to push the boundaries, introducing a long list of industry-firsts, including gluten-free crust, cauliflower crust, and healthful Power Bowls. Each dish and cocktail served at CPK is a testament to the restaurant’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its passion for crafting exceptional culinary experiences. 

Today, CPK stands as a global brand, with nearly 200 restaurants spanning 12 international cities and 11 countries and U.S. territories. Its menu extends far beyond pizzas, offering a diverse selection of signature, hand-tossed pizzas, high-quality main plates, inventive better-for-you options, and handcrafted beverages. 

In December 2022, CPK marked a new chapter under the leadership of Jeff Warne, who was named Chief Executive Officer. Warne’s appointment signaled a renewed commitment to innovation and growth, ensuring that CPK remains at the forefront of the casual dining industry. 

Further expanding its culinary reach, CPK collaborated with Litehouse in the first quarter of 2023 to bring CPK dressings to grocery store shelves across the country. This partnership not only allowed CPK to share its signature flavors with a wider audience but also solidified its position as a culinary innovator, extending its brand beyond the restaurant walls. 

As CPK continues to evolve, its core values remain steadfast: a passion for food, a commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients, and a dedication to creating exceptional culinary experiences for its guests. With each pizza, each dish, and each handcrafted beverage, CPK invites its guests on a culinary journey, a celebration of California’s vibrant spirit and the art of innovation. 

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