A luxurious spa experience at Shynh Beauty

Shynh Beauty is a popular beauty salon that is growing rapidly across Vietnam. You will find a range of natural beauty products and a luxurious spa experience at Shynh Beauty. 

About Shynh Beauty Spa & Cosmetics

Shynh Beauty Spa & Cosmetics is a 2-in-1 spa & cosmetic retail franchise system under Shynh Group, established with the mission to provide the best beauty products and services at an affordable price. Moreover, they offer a diverse range of over 40 spa services and more than 80 beauty products. Shynh Beauty is an O2O franchise system, with 20 locations across Vietnam and an ecosystem of e-commerce, social commerce, wholesale and retail distribution network.

A reliable franchise partner

Their vision is to foster happiness and joy to women around the world through better health and wellness. To achieve this, and within just 8 years, Shynh Group has successfully built a complete ecosystem from R&D, core technology, product manufacturing, spa design, beauty academy to an industry-specific brand and marketing agency. Thereby, making the group truly a powerhouse in the day spa industry. In addition, the business model has proven its sustainability through the pandemic with a steady increase in profit, and new locations opened every month.

As the industry is booming and opportunities abound for interested entrepreneurs, now is the best time to invest. More importantly, as a franchise partner of Shynh Beauty Spa, the potential partners will be offered not only a proven business model but also the utmost support at every stage of business development.

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