A warm welcome from BB Social Dining

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Food can bring any place to life, especially with friends, family and loved ones. A warm welcome from BB Social Dining ensures you enjoy a tasty and timeless experience. This modern and quirky restaurant has become an instant favorite and one of the hottest new spots in Dubai.

BB is a title given to a respected and loved member o the community, usually a female in many cultures around the world. It can also be related to the word Love in Arabic – Habibi.

Elegant Social Dining

The style of food at BB is Social Dining, with emphasis on creative and tasty flavors. The choice includes customized experiences of Bao’s, Bowls, Bites & BBQ specialties and quirky desserts. In other words, they offer a luxurious palette of Modern Eastern Cuisine. Moreover, their menu has inclusive options for Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat based dishes.

The BB Social Dining experience creates a space where inclusion, togetherness and freedom of choice is available for all the guests.

Stylish Bespoke Design

The design was made by James Michael Lees, from Studio Hopscotch based in London. Their design features a blue brick wall, black & white mosaic tiles, bespoke antique mirrors and textured glass panels. In addition, it has beautiful Calcutta gold marble tables, a blackened steel spiral staircase, industrial ceiling fans and greenery and terracotta planting detail.

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