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Everything about Turkey fills you with a colorful and tasteful impression. Some of the most popular attractions about Turkey include a wide range of addictive desserts in Turkish cuisine. They are a visual treat of colors and textures that fills your senses before they hit your tastebuds. Lets us explore one such brand, that offers a world full of endless flavor from L o k u m l a n D. It was born in the heart of Turkey, in Istanbul. Lokum is also known as the Turkish Delight. Today, the Turkish Delight is one of the most favored teatime snacks all around the globe.

Journey of “ L o k u m l a n D ”

Lokumland Lokumland

L o k u m l a n D ” brand began in 1989 retail sale of Turkish Delight and Special Turkish Sweets in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. It is also the historical and one of the oldest and world famous shopping centers. Since their early years in the market, they are well known for rich and high quality desserts with numerous varieties on offer. Moreover, their scale of growth made them stand out from the competition in the Grand Bazaar.

“ L o k u m l a n D ” brand embarked on a journey to bring back Ottoman-Turkish cultures’ centuries old delicacies and habits that no longer enjoy the popularity they deserve today with universal touches and adaptations.

Lokumland Lokumland

Traditional delights with modern designs

Turkish Delight, and Akide Candies are almost forgotten cultural items that no longer receive the demand they deserve. However, “ L o k u m l a n D ” designs brought them back to life and soon they began regaining their popularity in the national and international markets. Their products still have the traditional taste and naturalness intact. Most importantly, they are produced in the highest standards using the most advanced technology, while being environmentally conscious.

In other words, the main philosophy of the brand is to bring back the delights, flavor, knowledge and beauty of offering gifts and treats of Ottoman-Turkish culture to modern life. Thus setting their direction for the future based on its unique interpretation.

As a result, they continue to work towards branding building and organizational structure. Thus prepared to franchise the brand to any part of the world.

For any further franchising queries, please contact Ahmet Kunt: franchise@lokumland.com.tr

Lokumland Lokumland

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