Addictive Flavors from Guljak Topokki Fried Chicken

Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. One of the compelling taste of the Korean food, is the ‘Korean Fried Chicken”. Find out more about the addictive flavors of sweet and spicy food from Guljak Topokki Fried Chicken. Guljak Topokki Chicken originated from Gyeonggi Province, Korea, opened its first branch in August 2014. With super deliciousness, it expanded rapidly in 6 years with more than 150 branches.

Enjoy the best Korean Fried Chicken

What is the best way to enjoy the fried chicken. It is said that it can be enjoyed best by pairing it with he original tteokbokki soup, when you dip the chicken in the delicious broth of the rice cake soup. The aromatic tteokbokki soup is made form a special broth with sliced ​​fish, Korean spring onions, eggs and cheese.

Guljak Topokki Fried Chicken, is a restaurant that only uses fresh marinated chicken that is fried each day. It is marinated with spices imported directly from Korea and fried. It is very distinctive, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Crispy batter with spices is a secret recipe from the original Korean restaurant Guljak Topokki.

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