Always the real thing at Bruster’s Ice Cream

Bruster’s is one of the all-time greats when it comes to ice cream. Bruster’s takes great pride in their high-quality food and exceptional customer service. Bruce Reed is the founder of Bruster’s and his love for delicious, high-quality food and exceptional customer service goes deep. He launched Bruster’s in 1989.

After serving a tour of duty in the US Airforce, Bruce’s father, Jerry Reed, founded the renowned Jerry’s Curb Service in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania, in 1947. The classic vehicle hop is still common in the Pittsburgh region.

Bruce looked for a complementary company to establish on the property next to his family’s car hop restaurant in 1989. He created his thick, creamy ice cream recipe with care before opening Bruster’s for his sister to manage. In no time, Bruster’s emerged as the go-to ice cream shop in the neighborhood, and in 1993 Bruce began franchising to friends and family. Even though we’ve gone a long way since then, we still uphold the core values that have helped Bruster’s become the renowned brand that it is today. We treat our customers like family by providing them with ample quantities of our freshly prepared ice cream.

With almost 200 franchised outlets, Bruster’s is a well-known brand with a sizable following and a network of devoted franchisees. We probed the motives of our franchisees for joining our group. Here are 30 reasons you ought to think about being a part of our family in honor of our 30th anniversary.

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