Amazing Benefits of I’m Alive Kombucha

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Kombucha is an ancient prebiotic drink that claims to have numerous life-enhancing properties. The amazing benefits of I’m alive Kombucha can help you live a better quality of life both physically and mentally.

Origins of the Tea of Immortality

Kombucha was referred to as the Tea of Immortality in the olden days. It is believed to date back to the 220 B.C. When history shows that “Qin Shi Huang” of Qin Dynasty of China, drank KOMBUCHA and praised its health benefits. Some also believe that around 412 A.D, Dr.Ko Mu Ha, from Silla” in Korea, used Fermented Tea with Fungi to treat the disease of the Japanese King. The drink began to be called ‘KOMBUCHA’ after being named after him. It slowly made its way to Europe in early the 20th century, especially in Russia (as “Kambucqha”) and Germany (as “Kombuchaschwamm”).

Over time it gained tremendous popularity in the United States after World War 2. It started as a drink that was home-brewed and grew into factories. Thus, spreading across multiple countries over the last decade. The benefits of Kombucha are now well known and is expected to gain more popularity in America, Europe, Russia and Asia.

I’m Alive Kombucha

I’m Alive Kombucha was made by combining the kombucha brewing technology of Buchi company in the U.S. and perfecting it by the Korean unique fermentation science.

Core Bio Inc, has studied the kombucha over the years and developed the unique 506 hours fermentation method. At the point of 506 hours the kombucha has the best taste while maintaining the original properties and benefits such as immunity and energy boost, prevention of diseases, detoxification, weight loss, improvement of cholesterol level, gut and liver health.

I’m Alive kombucha is made by using the high-quality premium ingredients such as organic black and green tea leaves from Jeju island, organic cane sugar and healthy SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and it comes in four flavors: Original, Apple Berry, Pomegranate and Ginger Lemon.

In 2021, Core Bio has the largest facility to produce kombucha with a daily capacity of 24,000EA in a glass bottle package and 60,000EA in a PET bottle package. Core Bio has also successfully obtained the quality certifications such as Organic Certification, HACCP certification and HALAL Certification.

I’m Alive kombucha is distributed by Freshico Inc.,

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