An epicurean retailer of choice – Grandiose

Grocery shopping has evolved in the last few years. In the past, it was more like the boring small store that is stuffed with goods and cramped for space. However, now it is aisles of neatly stacked and labelled products in categories. And some brands have taken it a step further to indulge all your senses and to enhance the entire experience. One such brand, that aims to be an epicurean retailer of choice is Grandiose.

Grandiose Supermarket

They launched Grandiose in 2016, the group’s retail and catering business. Grandiose aimed at delivering high-quality yet affordable retail freshness. With a diverse product range, the Grandiose Stores supermarket chain is set to become Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s neighborhood one-stop-shop. In addition, they also have their own Catering arm. This offers an eclectic range of nutritious and delicious mealtime solutions for retail, corporate and private catering needs.

Grandiose is relatively a young new supermarket chain in UAE. However, Oliver Latour, CEO of Grandiose Supermarkets, is planning a very aggressive expansion plan at very short term. For instance, they are increasing the store format size and developing a new exclusive online solution.

Ghassan Aboud Group

Grandiose supermarket is a member of the Ghassan Aboud Group (GAG). The supermarket is established in partnership with the French retailer Intermarché.  GAG is an international conglomerate that is engaged in several key business sectors including Automobiles, Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail, Food, Media, Pastoral and Logistics. GAG was promoted in 1994 by Ghassan Aboud, a Dubai based international entrepreneur and philanthropist. They have offices in UAE, Australia, Belgium, Jordan and Turkey.

The group is sincerely committed to its CSR activities and believes that productivity, innovation and transformation require community engagement.

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