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bb.q Chicken

You will be forgiven if you didn’t know them, but bb.q Chicken is an incredibly popular South Korean fried chicken chain.

As per the company, the name — BB-dot-Q — does not refer to barbecue. It stands for “Best of the Best Quality.” And it’s not just another fast-food chain. Waiting is there, a price one must pay for quality, specially if it was Best of the Best! Korean Fried Chicken is marinated in spices before it is breaded and fried.

All items are fried to order, a process that takes about 20 minutes. This time goes into deep-frying healthy chicken with extra-virgin olive oil to achieve a high-quality and crisper texture!

bb.q Chicken menus

bb.q Chicken menus

Established in 1995 in South Korea, bb.q Chicken’s visions to always provide the most delicious and healthiest premium chicken in the world. bb.q Chicken is continually motivated to prepare and share only the best flavors with you as our brand name.

To enter the USA in 2014, the name changed to BBDOTQ USA. “A new Goliath has arrived,” the New York Times headline read in 2017 when the first BBDOTQ USA opened! Now they have have branches in over 18 US States. That number keeps growing. Soon enough, it was rated top 25 fastest-growing restaurant chain in America!

BSK (BBQ Smart Kitchen)

The BSK model, a delivery and packaging store with a small-capital investment cost, was first introduced in June 2020.

The growing demand for non-face-to-face consumption and food delivery service due to COVID-19, the BSK model, which can utilize external delivery platforms and digital marketing, is not only lower initial investment and fixed cost, but also highly efficient in store operation and management.

In the post COVID era, the non-contact trends made the bb.q BSK model quickly the icon of start-ups in Korea.

It has achieved the 100th store opening in six months and 200th store in March 2021.In the time of writing those lines, they crossed 300 BSK stores.

The franchise expanded also to Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, japan, and Vietnam.

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