BEFED The Rooster Specialist

If you are a lover of gluten-free Mediterranean diet, that comes from a healthy source of meat, you are in for a treat! The BEFED Rooster is a free-range cockerel breed. It is an exclusive Vallespluga selection. That is to say, it is healthy, genuine and coming from a strictly controlled productive chain that makes it inimitable. BEFED, the Rooster specialist, makes it unique with the special BEFED recipe.

The Rooster is cooked to perfection on open fire. This gives the meat a delicious, delicate and tender texture that is mildly spicy. The Rooster is served with a side of french fries or grilled vegetables. In addition, it is accompanied by BEFED artisanal sauce and a slice of toasted bread. BEFED menu selection does not just stop here, it also includes a variety of sandwiches and desserts.

BEFED is an all Italian brand that is devoted to high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship. Ever since it was started in 1996, it has been the perfect combination of eating well and having fun. BEFED Pub is a format, a concept and a dining offer that can boast numerous attempts at imitation.

It is spread across many locations around Europe and is a very popular destination for relaxing and sharing good food. It was founded by four friends, who gathered every evening to spend their time having good food and company. Thus was born BEFED, with the same intention to share quality time and excellent food under one roof.

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