Best chicken wings at Lord of the Wings

Are you someone who craves the chicken wings every other weekend? If you are looking for the best chicken wings in town, then Lord of the Wings is your place. The Lord of the Wings’ finger licking flavor is something that you would come back for again.

Lord of the Wings Restaurant

Lord of the Wings is a full service, casual dining concept that specializes in chicken wings and build-your-own burgers. If you have not already, then it is time to try this spot. They have 4 types chicken wings with 20 signature sauces to choose from. It also includes a wide range of appetisers, artisan flatbreads, crisp salads, craft burgers, sandwiches, desserts and beverages.

Today, by reaching across all demographic profiles, the Lord of the Wings concept has a strong brand image around the world. In local and international reviews, it is recognized as a market leader in chicken wings and customizable-burgers.

You will not have to jump to different restaurants to grab all your family’s favorite sauces. Because you will find one for each member of your group and still have plenty new ones to try later.

About Bin Hindi Foods

Bin Hindi Foods is the youngest division of the renowned Bin Hindi Group. Their key objective is to tap the huge potential of the fast-growing F&B sector in the GCC region. They are committed to bring successful F&B concepts around the world to the region. Today, the division holds exclusive franchise rights of world famous restaurant chains such as Lord of the Wings and Enab Beiruit.

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