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Launched in 1998, Prima Taste is a Singaporean food and beverage brand that takes local favourites and turns them global. Their ‘Best Singapore Favourites’ range of main dishes, side dishes, desserts and dips offer over 30 authentic Singapore favourites, such as Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice, in easy-to-use, ready-to-cook pastes.

Prima Taste‘s mission is to bring authentic, great tasting and easy to prepare Singapore cuisine to people all over the world. It was the culmination of Primus Cheng’s (Chairman, CEO, Prima Ltd.) passion to preserve the heritage and tradition of Singapore food, and to offer authentic, easy to make Singapore cuisine to the world, without compromise.

Prima Taste

Prima Taste means “hundred victory kitchen” in Chinese (as per their Wikipedia page). The franchise is managed by Prima Food Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Prima Limited which specializes in flour milling. In 2011, Prima Taste launched its Singapore Laksa LaMian, a premium instant noodle product, that has been a grand-slan success since then.

Today, Prima Taste’s line of products include (but not limited to) Laksa Noodles, Curry Noodles, Chili Crab Noodles, Cooking Sauces, Juzz Mee, Premium Noodles and La Mian. The brand is available internationally in over 40 countries.

Only the best ingredients

Prima Taste promised to use only the best ingredients. Those are sourced from villages in the southern island archipelago across to the northern mountainous region of Asia. In doing so, they make sure to bring only the rich distinctive taste of Prima Taste creations to life.

Prima Taste

Before releasing a new Prima Taste products into the market, they are subjected to the taste buds of two blind taste panels. One made up of the management team and one made up of 50 to 100 consumers. If a product failed the like-for-like comparison with the original best tasting hawker dish, it goes back to the drawing board.

Prima Taste aims to create Singapore cuisine that offers great tasting and healthy food. For that, their food products contain no MSG, no artificial colouring or preservatives. On top of that, sugar, salt and fat are kept to a minimum. Other natural ingredients are added to maintain the authentic Singapore hawker food.

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