Bo’s Coffee is Philippine Coffee at its Finest

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Bo’s Coffee is the Philippines’ leading home-grown specialty coffee chain. They aim to expand and serve Philippine Coffee, not just locally, but also globally through international expansion. Bo’s Coffee is Philippine coffee at its finest where each flavor profile has a distinct taste that truly epitomizes the rich diversity of their geographies.

The beginning of Bo’s Coffee

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Bo’s Coffee started in 1996 when founder Steve Benitez opened a small kiosk in the city of Cebu. Later, they commenced franchising in 2001. Today, Bo’s Coffee has more than 100 cafes operating in the Philippines and has started its Global Expansion. Bo’s Coffee supports coffee farmers and puts the spotlight on Philippine Coffee.

Bo’s Coffee has Qatar as their first Global Franchise.

Every cup of Bo’s Coffee celebrates and supports Philippine brew by using local beans from key coffee growing regions including Sagada, Mt. Katinglad, Mt. Matumtum, and Mt. Apo.

Bo’s Coffee franchise also serves a variety of food menu along with its hot and cold drink options. This includes breakfast, pasta, grilled sandwich and desserts.

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About Steve Benitez

Steve Benitez, the founder & CEO of Bo’s Coffee, spearheaded the movement for homegrown coffee in the Philippines. Steve is also the President of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Philippine Chapter which is a global business network of over 10,000 business owners in over 40 countries. “Success is Nothing if you can’t take others with you” These are Steve’s words and along with his experience they serve to encourage other entrepreneurs to achieve success both in the Philippines and Internationally.

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