Boston Fried Chicken – Crispy and Juicy

Deep-fried chicken lovers are all around the world. In other words, this juicy and delicious food has found a place in even the most remote cities across the globe. It is safe to say that it is one of the most popular dishes across all nations. Boston Fried Chicken (BFC) has been serving their customers with their signature crispy and juicy fried chicken for decades. Because they believed that they can serve the best-fried chicken from the day they started.

And how does one make the best fried chicken? It includes the best quality chicken, the right marinade, a perfect mix of seasoning and batter. In addition, you have to ensure the right oil is used at the right temperature to crispy fry them. And anyone who has tasted the fried chicken from BFC will agree that they have got it right, through all these years!

In 1976, Sami Assi founder of Boston Fried Chicken had a vision of creating a fried chicken concept with a unique taste and high quality ingredients at affordable prices. The first Boston Fried Chicken opened its doors to customers in New York.

In 1993 and after 17 years of successful operations in the USA , Boston Fried Chicken expanded to the Middle East in Amman – Jordan.

The brand’s success in New York  was mirrored in Jordan where BFC enjoyed steady growth.

Today Boston Fried Chicken is a registered trademark in more than 40 countries.  They recently launched a franchise program to share the goodness of their concept and food!  They are know to serve authentic fried chicken food in a trendy & quick – service environment.

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