Celebrate life’s joyous milestones with Thye Moh Chan

Reputed for its authentic handcrafted pastries such as the famous tau sar piah, Thye Moh Chan’s 70-year old heritage forms a significant part of the Singaporean Chinese culture.

Since 1943, Thye Moh Chan has served a loyal following with its handcrafted traditional Teochew baked goods.

Over the years, Thye Moh Chan continues to touch customers’ hearts with its skillfully handcrafted products made using traditional baking techniques.

Today, the veteran chefs transfer their respected skills to a new team, ensuring that these all-time favourite pastries are faithfully reproduced with time-honoredtechniques, and continue to flourish and strike a chord in the hearts of generations to come.

Wedding Pastries

Wedding pastries (喜饼 Xi Bing), are one of the items given to the bride’s family during the betrothal ceremony (过大礼 Guo Da Li).

The big piah is imprinted with the word (囍 Xi), meaning double happiness.

Whether you are looking for wedding cakes for customary weddings or gifting during special celebrations, their pastry gift sets are excellent choices for any occasion.

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