Chattels & More: Crafting Homes, Curating Stories

Chattels & More is a homegrown concept from the respected Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. A shining example of home décor, encapsulating the ideal balance of beauty and utility. The brand’s journey demonstrates its commitment to offering an enriching and personalized experience for each consumer.

Distinguished as curators of quality, Chattels & More selects nothing but the best from unique artisans and vendors across Europe. The brand goes beyond furnishing. it invites customers to experience a journey of self-expression and discovery. The curated collections brag a blend of functional yet sophisticated, modern, and contemporary furniture that makes a statement but caters to diverse tastes.

The essence of Chattels & More lies in its celebration of individuality. With a focus on people first, the brand ensures that customers are always the top priority. The personalized experience is not just a promise but a core value, making the brand a trusted companion in transforming houses into homes.

The retail experience at Chattels & More is a continuous source of inspiration. The brand keeps the excitement alive by consistently introducing new trends, making the process of furnishing a home a delightful journey. Therefore, the emphasis on thinking deeply about living spaces and imagining new possibilities sets Chattels & More apart as a brand.

The success story of Chattels & More is punctuated by significant milestones. In 2018, the business received the renowned ‘Décor Retailer of the Year’ Award from Design Middle East magazine, recognizing its dedication to creative brilliance. Subsequently, in 2019, Chattels & More expanded its footprint by opening three flagship stores across the UAE. This solidifies the brand’s position as one of the largest homegrown furniture retailers in the region.

In 2020, the brand marked a new chapter with the launch of a sprawling 8700-square-foot showroom in the Nakheel Mall in Palm Jumeirah, further enhancing its presence in one of Dubai’s premium locations.

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