ChipsAway makes it look like it never happened

Most of us are guilty of a few unfortunate minor motor accidents that has resulted in paint scrapping off, bumper scuffs, alloy wheel repairs or dents. We have wished for it to magically disappear so our vehicle can look spotless and new always. ChipsAway is here to make that wish come true with their expert team of professionals who can handle these repairs anywhere and anytime.

ChipsAway specialists provide the best quality automobile body repairs thanks to their over 200 mobile auto body repair specialists in their expanding network around the UK and more than 25 years of experience. Their goal is to deliver the best outcome to you in the most practical manner.

Their mobile specialist can finish repairs while the customer is away on vacation, at work, or at home. They also provide high-quality repairs at a fraction of the cost and time of a garage or body shop by conducting minor and localized repairs. They always take satisfaction in being straightforward, polite, and simple to work with. When compared to a traditional body shop, pricing may be competitive.

They have approximately 40 Car Care Centres, which are workshops with more capacity and sophisticated equipment than mobile units and can do larger and more specialized repairs, in addition to mobile franchisees. These are a more approachable, modernized version of a conventional body shop that might be speedier and less expensive. Their car repair shops (Car Care Centres) are dispersed across the country for your convenience in addition to having ChipsAway specialists located all over the nation.

We employ highly specialized automotive technology as part of our mobile SMART repair process in order to exactly match any color repair on any damage and remove dents. The days of having to travel to a specialist body shop and spend time and money having a whole panel removed in order to get it fixed are long gone. Our repairs are much more effective and cost-effective because they may concentrate on a tiny region and seamlessly fit into the surroundings. Most of the formulas used in their SMART healing procedure are water-based.

The corporate headquarters of ChipsAway are located in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. These serve as the group’s headquarters and house cutting-edge training and warehousing facilities that have earned IMI accreditation.

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