Choose Scenthound for your dogs’ wellness

Scenthound a dog-loving company that made the decision to make a living from their love for dogs. What began as a mobile dog grooming business soon expanded with multiple salons. After many years of experience handling many breeds of dogs, they realized that the majority of dogs do not receive the regular care they require to remain clean, cozy, and healthy.

They concluded that not every dog requires conventional grooming. In fact, nine of the top ten breeds don’t even need haircuts, yet ALL dogs still need basic care like bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and dental care.

They also found that too many dogs do not receive the care they require because their owners are either unaware of the need for it or do not know how to obtain it quickly and affordably. That lead to the creation of Scenthound.

With a mission is to assist all dogs in receiving the care they require to remain hygienic and healthy. Scenthound helps supply a convenient location where owners may take their dogs for the essential grooming care they require, as well as through educating dog owners.

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