Cinnzeo – Canadian Bakery Café

Delicious and fresh cinnamon rolls can make you crave for more. In this article we talk about one such Cafe that has grown in presence all over the world. This Canadian Bakery Cafe is Cinnzeo.

Cinnzeo has its focus on serving fresh handmade Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls. In addition they also have other baked products and coffee in a retail bakery setting. It all began when when they opened their first bakery in 1987. The enticing aroma of cinnamon swirled out to invite everyone who walked by to take a moment, escape the busy day, and breathe. Those who stepped inside could watch them carefully make every cinnamon roll from scratch. One bite of it and they fell in love.

Cinnzeo’s unique guest experience paired with delicious Cinnamon Rolls is a formula that meets success wherever it’s applied.

Expanding product offerings

They have started to expand their product offerings, making Cinnzeo™ not only the best place to get a sweet treat but something savoury as well. In other words, they will further expand the food & beverage products with innovative items that stay true to their baked fresh and from scratch standards. Therefore, they have begun rolling out cheese rolls, breakfast sandwiches, coffee-based beverages, and smoothies. They look to meet local and regional taste preferences.

The Cinnzeo opportunity

Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited is an international wholesale, retail and franchise company. They are seeking master franchise partners, sub-franchisees and experienced Area Developers who can grow a substantial Cinnzeo network. In addition, their proven business model makes for a prosperous opportunity for the qualifying candidate.

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