Moshi: Classic and Fusion Sushi Concept

After a year of research, late nights and hard work, Mr Moshi realized that people in this part of the world considered sushi as a luxury and decided to open Moshi in 2015. He wanted people to enjoy this dish regardless of price and taste.Moshi Brand Focus

At Moshi, we have your classic sushi as well a wide range of fusion sushi inspired by flavours from around the world. Some of our sushi twists include cheesy chips Oman, Flamin Cheetos, Zaatar Labneh, and Chicken tikka in Maki rolls.

Another delicious dish is Moshi’s momos which Mr Moshi came across in Nepal and decided to bring the recipe with him. They are similar to dumplings but are a healthier alternative as they are made of wheat & flour. Some of our Moshians favourite momos include Pero Pero, Chicken & Spinach, and Potato Cheese corn. Moshi also has vegan and gluten-free options available. We also provide meals for construction workers using 5% from each bill.

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