COFFEEBAY is a captivating and competitive franchise partner

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COFFEEBAY is a captivating and competitive franchise partner that specializes in franchising. Their core values are mutual growth, change and innovation, human-oriented management, oriented the best and ethical management. The CEO of COFFEEBAY, ‘Baek Jin Seong’ graduated from the School of Industrial Start-up Business at Chung-Ang University. Moreover, he has completed various franchise specialization courses. Baek Jin Seong is also the Director of the Korean Franchise Association (KFA).

COFFEEBAY franchises are successfully operating in over 570 stores across the country. The COFFEEBAY franchise offers a comfortable space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee along with sweet desserts. All the beans that are distributed in their outlets are directly purchased and roasted for uniform quality.


The extensive and rapid growth


COFFEEBAY was launched in 2010. Within two years, they opened their 100th store in 2012. Following year they opened their 200th store. Then they entered the China market in 2014 when they signed the Liaoning Master Franchise Agreement.

In 2015, they signed an agreement with Walmart and established COFFEEBAY USA. In 2016 they established COFFEEBAY Philippines Corp. Later, in 2017 they launched the COFFEEBAY membership Services.

Awards and recognitions

They received many prestigious awards. This includes,

  • Korean venture awards 2015 by Korea’s minister
  • Korean Franchise award for 4 years in a row till 2015
  • South Korea Designated Good Franchise award for 3 years in a row
  • Won Korea venture awards by “Seoul Daily” in 2016
  • Selected as leading company of Expanding oversea by KOTRA 3 years in a row in 2017
  • Received Korea 2018 Franchise Business Awards 7 years in a row
  • Outstanding Franchise for Small and Medium Enterprise 7 years in a row/ Certified 1st Class
  • Selected as Top 100 Korean Franchises by Mae-il Business Newspaper 4 years in a row in 2019

Fully equipped support system

The COFFEEBAY Academy is equipped with the full range of equipment and professional instructors essential for barista training. Moreover, their ‘Super Counselor System’, assists you with store operation management and sales management through individual counselling. Further, they have a ‘3-step sales stabilization system’ which assists you from startup till opening and stable sales within 6 months.

For any further franchising query, you can email Na Youn, Kim – Assistant Manager at Global Business Division at


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