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Winner winner chicken dinner! An old saying that infers a celebration usually includes a meal of chicken. A juicy, tender and flavorful chicken meal can fill your stomach and your heart with content. There are many restaurants that compete for your attention with the menu offerings. But few leave a mark and have you craving for more. For instance, at Deek Duke – their all chicken no rules menu encourages you to eat either with your fork or hands without inhibitions to enjoy their delicious chicken.

About Deek Duke

deek duke

At Deek Duke, they know the love for chicken is real. Hence they offer you a wide variety of healthy and delicious dishes that are freshly cooked with a mixture of great quality poultry and the finest ingredients.

Their menu includes the grilled or broasted house specialty chicken meals, multi-flavored chicken wings, mouthwatering appetizers, sandwiches and salads, delightful pasta selection, tasty burgers and beef choices, to finally end with the tastiest of desserts.

They deliver the same experience to all areas in Metn and Beirut spreading our wings across Lebanon to bring satisfaction to their clients.

deek duke

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