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Are you looking for a brand that is all about the experience of total well-being? You can discover your sense of well-being at OSIM, a brand that has grown with the mission of bringing a healthy lifestyle to you. The brand name OSIM is from their founder Mr Ron Sim, with the ‘O’ symbolising the globe. He started working very hard from a young age. Thereafter, he realised to achieve success, it is about what you believe and what you do. From a small shop in a mall, he opened his first store at the age of 20. And ever since there was no turning back from then.

Building the brand of well-being

The understanding that a business is not just about trading, but about building a brand changed the way he carried business. It marked the beginning of the brand OSIM. This was the start of the revolution of an unprecedented business concept of well-being.

1980 – Osim began R.Sim Trading Pte Ltd

1989 – Registered the name Health Check & Care

1994 – Official launch of “OSIM” brand name

2000 – Launched new and enhanced “OSIM” corporate logo and identity, strengthening our corporate brand image

2003 – Continued expansion across the world, promoting well-being for everyone, encouraging people to begin living an inspiring life

2009 – Launched another innovative concept store, “Chair inspirations by OSIM”

With the help of creative concepts and innovative products, the brand changed the way people relaxed. OSIM is now Asia’s top choice for healthy living, to feel great and look good.

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