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The temptation of a fresh, hot, DOH is hard to ignore. It’s almost impossible to walk past one of our live cooking experiences without being lured into the inviting scent of our dohlicious mini treats. To our customers, it’s an experience tailored to their taste buds, and to our franchise owners, it’s something so much more.

Why own a DOH?


  • QUALITY – A fun, unique, premium product offering a memorable customer experience.
  • BRAND STRENGTH – An iconic brand with strong awareness right across the UAE.
  • MARKETING STRATEGY -Tailor-made, effective campaigns for high-level engagement.
  • SUPPORT- In-depth training and assistance for all aspects of your business.
  • COMMUNITY COMMITMENT-Spreading happiness to our customers, staff and community.


Get a Bite of the Action


Founded by a group of  young, passionate Emirati entrepreneurs in 2017, Doh are excited to now offer flexible, franchising opportunities to those interested in helping us expand the brand. As your dedicated partners, we’ll provide you with the assistance and support you’ll need as you enter a new and exciting journey with us. With years of experience and expertise under our belt, our goal is to ensure you have a highly successful, profitable and long-term sustainable business with Doh.

What you will get

  • Your franchise choice of an Individual Unit or Area Development (3 outlets)
  • Exclusive license to Doh trademarks, marketing and operational systems
  • Assistance in location selection, construction and fit-out of unit
  • Staff training and ongoing support and assistance
  • Advertising campaigns and ongoing marketing support
  • Operations and management manual
  • Assistance in product supply


Ready to sweeten your future and help grow the Doh legacy?
Contact us on  for further information and details regarding our franchising options.

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