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dr.CAFE COFFEE provides high quality products and friendly services in the Ultimate Place Experience to suit each guest’s lifestyle. dr.CAFE COFFEE has been roasting and selling specialty coffees since 1997. Their passion is to discover the finest and most appealing pure Arabica coffees from around the world each season, and roast them to perfection.

Their beans are roasted using the latest fully automated automatic roasting facilities. Then, they pack them using high-tech machines to ensure conformance to freshness and quality assurance standards.

They go to extreme measures to preserve the true flavour of coffee in a store or at home. The brand is particularly popular with young people and business executives.

The founder, Yousef S. Al Rajhi

Yousef S. Al Rajhi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Administration, and a Major in Finance from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia.

A Saudi Arabian who loves coffee and to travel looking for the best coffee beans and machines to brew the best taste a coffee can have.

He describes himself as: Founder and co-founder of multi-enterprise, reader, traveler, active in innovation, investment, and brand creation.

A coffee connoisseur in general, and particularly a Dr. CAFE COFFEE lover. Half entrepreneur, half investor / mentor. Board-member in many firms and entities.

dr.CAFE COFFEE founder, Yousef S. Al Rajhi

dr.CAFE COFFEE founder, Yousef S. Al Rajhi

“We procure 100% Arabica specialty coffee from the best farms in the world which also use best practices.” -Yousef Al Rajhi, dr.CAFE COFFEE founder.

When he was 23 years old, Yousef Al Rajhi opened his first cafe in Riyadh in a small mall. In around 15 years, his dr.CAFE COFFEE grew to have over 122 shops all over Saudi Arabia and franchise holders in Malaysia and Singapore.

It’s not only coffee they serve, as it’s complemented by signature & specialty pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. dr.CAFE COFFEE Brewing Shuttle is a special kit for those looking to brew their own coffee by themselves at the comfort of their offices / houses.

Today, they have 124 quality products, and 275 locations all over the world. Next year, they will celebrate their 25 years anniversary! They are looking for partners and franchisees. More details can be found on their website here.

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