Enhance every child’s early learning experience at Amazing Athletes

The children’s fitness business helps kids to get a head start on healthy development by teaching them the basics of sports and healthy eating habits. Amazing Athletes is one of the biggest multi-sport enrichment programs. Their year-round developmental sports and fitness program aims to empower kids between the ages of 1 and 7 by providing them with positive movement experiences while also helping them reach important motor development milestones. In a non-competitive setting, certified teachers instruct the principles of ten different sports while adding lectures on nutrition and muscle anatomy to improve motor skills and physical literacy.

Being a mobile franchise, no physical location is required. Instead, classes are provided on-site at already established kid-friendly locations. Preschools, daycare facilities, churches, community centers, and schools are just a few possible classroom venues. Our products are popular with both parents and children, making this a worthwhile franchise opportunity.

More than only a boon to schools and daycare facilities, their children’s sports and fitness business offers fantastic commercial opportunities.

The best part is that their franchisees have a lot of freedom. They have the option of employing coaches to teach classes or offering services themselves.

The Program:

With the help of Amazing Athletes, kids can learn about 10 different ball sports and strengthen their motor skills in 7 important areas all year long. Their program teaches kids to recognize and locate ten distinct muscles as well as the function of the vitamins and minerals found in their fruits and veggies.

Their curriculum is presented in a collaborative, non-competitive setting. To help each kid realize their full potential, we work with them at their own rate of development.

The Class:

Two distinct sports and one aspect of motor development are covered in each class. Activities to increase the young child’s hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and other skills are also integrated into each lesson.

Once a week, four times a month, classes are held.

The Purpose:

Boost their self-assurance. To ensure that every kid feels comfortable moving around in their own body, we combine the seven essential motor-development domains. They are more willing to attempt new things in the future as a result of this.

Get children started with an active lifestyle. They have a better chance of identifying a few sports and physical activities that kids enjoy if we expose them to a diversity of sports and activities. This presents them with choices that they can actively explore as they develop.

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