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Anyone who has taken a bite from the Mandi is certain to try it again. This popular traditional Arabic dish has become so popular in not just the Middle East but worldwide. If you are in United Arab Emirates, you are sure to find one of the most popular joints Bait Al Mandi on your list of must visit places for the Mandi experience. You can experience a variety of colorful Arabic cuisine at Bait Al Mandi, which is also the first Mandi restaurant chain in UAE.

Why the name Bait Al Mandi?

Bait or Bayt means house. And Bait Al Mandi represents the house of Mandi. The Mandi dish is made of tender moist meat (lamb or chicken) that is cooked in the pit underground and served on a bed of spiced rice.

Bait Al Mandi Bait Al Mandi

Traditional Mandi experience

Bait Al Mandi Bait Al Mandi

It was originally started as a passionate family owned business that served traditional homemade Arabic cuisine. They started their first restaurant in 2001. Their delicious recipes soon gathered numerous reviews and popularity. Bait Al Mandi has since become one of the most highly acclaimed homegrown brand in the UAE food industry and been recognized as UAE’s most-loved Mandi food chain. The entire experience of dining and enjoying the traditional mandi is sure to leave a memorable impression at Bait Al Mandi. They are currently located in UAE, Oman and Pakistan.

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