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Have you ever looked at a food truck and felt instantly drawn to it? Turning a boring truck into an exciting food truck is not as easy as it looks. They usually rip out most of the insides of the truck and only the chassis remains. Then tinkering, welding and painting are done to recreate a new avatar for the food truck. MAB Food Trucks is one such expert who has the required experience and reputation to help you get your own food truck. They started in 2016 and have created many masterpieces to date. If you are thinking about serving food on wheels with MAB Food Trucks, you are sure to make an impression in this business.

Where do they operate

MAB Food Trucks is based in Dubai, UAE. You are welcome to visit the facility and understand in person about how they operate. In addition to producing trailers, they also restore vintage trucks, make kiosks, trikes and much more. Are you not in Dubai? Do not stress, as they also export their products. For instance, they have exported to KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Paris, Bahrain, Lebanon, UK till date.

How can you customize your truck

Designing a food truck is different from designing a restaurant. Since the idea is to allow movement, every small detail must be looked into. The size also limits the choice of equipments you wish to add to it. But all that can be optimised at MAB. In addition, they allow you the flexibility to even bring your own vehicle and do the kitchen conversion. Moreover, you can also supply your own kitchen equipments that must be installed inside the truck. They usually work on 100% advance before delivery. However, case to case considerations will also be made. The downpayment can vary between 50-70% to start production.

MAB Food Truck

Services that they offer

It is not just about producing a truck to serve food on wheels. There is more to the concept of food truck business that MAB can assist you with. This includes concept development and branding. They help you understand your market, its needs, expectations and build your brand around it.

Legalisation for UAE market

Food trucks come with some paperwork that must be completed before you start driving it around to serve food. MAB offers to takes away that burden of legalizing your food truck in road and transport authority and also get it approved by Food control authority and civil defense (for UAE Market only).

For any further queries, please contact MAB Food Trucks.

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