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The story began in Manisa, from the City of Princes to the World – 1453 Osmanlı. This is where the commitment to carry the Turkish flavours to the world started. 1453 Osmanlı strives to bring the fascinating concept of the Ottoman Empire into today’s world. They combine traditionalism with modernism under a contemporary roof.

1453 Osmanlı offers its guests unique experiences by using the power of culture in the most appropriate way in the kitchen. They have successfully kept the magnificent atmosphere of the Ottoman Empire and created a modern environment at the same time. Moreover, they offer pleasant experiences and delicious tastes to their guests.

1453 Osmanlı, they love all kinds of coffee and serve it with great pleasure. All their products are provided from their business partners who are certified, reliable, have high plant quality, and produce in accordance with the country and world standards.

Especially in recent years, while we are faced with many opinions about how important a healthy diet is for our future, Ottoman Cuisine is in a position to respond to this situation by adding flavor along with health. In other words, knowing the value of healthy nutrition from those times, and preparing the materials and cooking techniques used in accordance with this situation, the structure owes its survival to this feature.

Most importantly, their success in Turkey enabled them to open up and they began to grow step by step. Now, they continue to grow successfully by appealing to the eyes, hearts and most importantly, the palate.

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