GLO30 Redefines Skincare Treatments

In 2023, the global skin care industry is predicted to be worth around $369 billion. The market is growing rapidly due to the increasing popularity of luxury facial treatments and continuous improvement in technology. As a result, there are very competitive and technologically advance treatments that one could choose from for healthy skin.

At GLO3O, they think that everyone can have gorgeous skin that glows! They build treatment based on the latest technology in the skincare studios with AI technology and trained clinicians. They use all their resources to create experiences that are masterpieces, yielding quantifiable benefits for your skincare journey.

With the underlying belief that everyone can have beautiful skin, they launched their first center just outside of Washington, DC, in 2012. The method includes smart, routine, and targeted treatments performed every 30 days. The story of GLO30 began when Dr. Arleen Lamba, their creator, experienced problems with her own skin as an adult. She was personally aware of how expensive it was to acquire skincare services, how uneven the treatments were, and how too optimistic the results were.

With long term results as a goal, they believed that their treatment centres should be contemporary and considerate, cozy, and a part of your monthly ritual. Most importantly, they think that skincare is a lifelong journey that will continue with their clients.

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