Global Corp Group – A UAE Leader In F&B

Global Corp Group

In spite of all the big brands they have in their portfolio, so little is known about Global Corp Group. They prefer to stay low profile, allowing their franchises to shine even more. Today, we do our best to post all the information we know about this big conglomerate.

Global Corp Group is a privately held holding company. Its headquarter are in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirate.

Over the years, they have diversified a vast portfolio of restaurants and an investment firm.

The restaurant brands that make up the group’s 55+ (brick and mortar) restaurant portfolio across the UAE are Bio Café, Just Burger, Just Fresh, Al Pasha Gourmet, Chick N Crunch, and more.

In addition, Global Corp Group’s investment firm is currently funding 6 additional brands namely: Details, Wrap & Shawarma, Burger & Fries, Burger & Brioche, Mahashi Al Dira, Senses, among others which are associated with 70 strategic locations across the UAE.

Many of those brands – if not all – have no official websites. In what seems to be the company policy, no official website can be found for GCG. A domain is registered, but it points to a totally empty link. Not all is lost, their franchises have some presence on Social Media channels!

Global Chief Catering GCC

Global Corp Group is also the parent company to Global Chief Catering (GCC), one of the country’s biggest central kitchens which not only supplies the group’s restaurants but also serves as a main supplier to a wide network of restaurants across the UAE.

Established in 2021, Global Catering Services has since become one of the largest and fastest growing food companies in the UAE. It serves as a significant F&B, retail, manufacturing and wholesale arm of the parent company – Global Corp Group.

GCC began with the acquisition and re-establishment of famous, well established restaurants in Abu Dhabi, like: Zahrat Lebnan, Lebanese Roaster and Nasr Grill, to name a few.

With aggressive expansion plans and acquisitions, Global Corp Group has already gone across the borders with 6 international franchises across the GCC region and is set to expand even further.

Global Corp Group are also bringing their franchises to the whole world. Starting with the United States, where they trademarked three of their franchises: Just Burger, Just Fresh, Al Pasha Gourmet. Source


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