Grab your Seafood in a bag with HACK IT

Are you looking for something juicy and saucy to be delivered right to your doorstep? Then you might want to grab your Seafood in a bag with HACK IT.

HACK IT is a term used to describe the action of cracking or smashing. The carpe diem sentiment of HACK IT exudes a “You Only Live Once (YOLO)” attitude of having fun and seizing the day with one’s favourite seafood, whenever and wherever.

They are one of the biggest seafood lovers on the planet and love their Southeast Asian cooking – so they combined the two. HACK IT is the epitome of bombastic flavours; the sweetness of live seafood and the fragrance of aromatics and spices, made to your preference.

Choose from their signature saucy combos or customise your own! From the spiciness of chilli and pepper to the decadence of creamy butter, they have it all. Even their appetizers and sides have an Asian twist to them.

They also do away with the fuss of dining out – no service charge, no queues, and no need to travel to us. HACK IT and get your hands and appetite ready to feast while they deliver your seafood packs straight to your doorstep!

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