GrillO – Healthier Fast Food

Did you know you could eat delicious healthier fast food?

You want to be healthy and continue eating your favourite food? Introducing, GrillO‘s healthier fast food. Our food is fresh and doesn’t use any fats or oil during the preparation. Hence, we are the only fast-food chain offering guilt-free junk food. For example, fried chicken without frying. In addition, Grillo offers everything from burgers, rollers, grilled chicken to pizzas.

Message from the owners

We wanted to introduce the concept of GrillO® to the new generation to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our aim was to create a new trend in the market where we offer oil-free and fat-free fast food options with a distinctive taste. Our menu is ideal for all age groups of every community.

The idea of GrillO® came to us when we were in the UK. Back in 2000, we witnessed the requirement for healthy eating options, as more people were getting health conscious. Similarly, UAE was an emerging market to enter and we are now successfully located at 7 locations and looking forward to growing more through franchising our healthier fast food.


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