Healthy Fast Food? Choose Salad and Go

The original concept for fast food originated in the 2ndcentury at a time when people were committed to cook every meal at home and ready-made noodles started to be offered to travelers on the road. Eventually the concept evolved with the first fast food restaurant opening in the late 19th century which typically offered fish and chips.

The demand for fast food kept growing across the globe where consumers loved it for the convenience of time and affordability  resulting in mega fast-food chains like McDonalds, Subway and KFC being established.



Salad and Go is a drive-through fast food restaurant chain based in Arizona, USA which sells freshly made nutritious salads for an affordable price. It also serves soups, wraps, smoothies and breakfast for not more than USD 4. It is famously known for its affordable salads that usually cost between USD 6- 9  for 48 ounces of salad.

Salad and Go has a vertically integrated business model and since their 650-square-foot locations don’t have interior seating and instead opt for drive-through orders, they have low operating costs, and as a result, can keep their salads under USD 6.

What makes Salad and Go unique is their customers are able to customize their super fresh and delicious salads with the widespread dressing options including steak, chicken or shrimps for affordable prices at their convenience and ready to eat. The main mission of this salad chain is to provide a much-desired alternative to the traditional not-so healthy drive-through fast food meal at affordable prices.

This game changing fast food chain has disrupted the industry itself serving healthy options – making it easy for consumers to stay fit and choose health alongside convenience.

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