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The last few decades have seen a variety of different diets that promote healthy eating. The word Paleo refers to old or ancient. In other words, the Paleo diet is about eating food that our ancestors ate by hunting and gathering, before farming and large-scale industrialisation took over food production. It is believed that this has caused contamination of our food with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, in order to maximise production and minimise cost. The awareness of this has resulted in a shift to Paleo based diet by the general population. For instance, healthy Paleo diet-based Primal Restaurant aims to produce chemical-free and healthy food for its customers.

First Paleo Restaurant in Amman

Primal restaurant Primal restaurant

Primal Restaurant is the first Paleo-based restaurant that operates in Amman, Jordan. Their colorful and healthy menu has plenty of options to choose from. As a result, they enjoy incredible popularity among their customers. Their menu includes gluten-free, lactose-free, keto and vegan food options too.

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Advantages of Paleo Diet

The core benefit of the Paleo diet is weight loss. Since Paleo diet excludes all processed food, you consume less sugar and salt in your diet. In other words, your diet is clean and healthy without additives, preservatives or chemicals. Moreover, there are plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits from the plant nutrients. It improves glucose tolerance and better blood pressure control. In short overall better appetite management. In addition, Paleo diet is said to improve sleep, stable energy levels, clearer skin and healthy looking hair.

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