History behind The Museum of Senses

Have you ever tried lying on a bed of 1000 nails like the Indian Fakirs do? Or tried to shrink or grow bigger within seconds? Or tried to look inside a giant Kaleidoscope? There is one place that will let you do all this and more. They are the Museum of Senses. The history behind The Museum of Senses started when three partners wanted the world to share an amazing experience, unique in the world. The idea was to have each visitor explore exhibitions with senses while discovering new aspects of their senses and learn about oneself.

The first Museum of Senses was opened at the end of 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. Since then it has continued to grow in Europe to four Museums in three countries. International artists, designers, behavioral experts, and architects create a unique space and exhibitions.

This experience is for both kids and adults to enjoy. Once you enter the museum, you will be drawn into the captivating experiences waiting for you. The journey inside is split into zones dedicated to senses. For instance sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and balance.

They also have various additional options within the concept to keep one engaged. For example, you have a Museum Shop, interactive playroom, F&B zone and even a party/event room to entertain B2B clients or larger groups.

Museum of Senses is all about awaking visitors’ senses by exploring, having fun, educating and making memories. They help bring out the inner child in us.

For franchise enquiries, you can email them at franchise@museumofsenses.com

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