Hong Kong’s Top-Notch Bakery & Pastry Brand

Variety of Hanjuku Kobo's cakes and pastries

With the popularity of Japanese cheesecake and pastry, it was expected that businesses for this demand will rise. The popularity of Japanese pastry spread around the world, especially across Asia. One particular brand from Hong Kong became the top-notch brand for bakery and pastry and is now expanding to the Middle East.

Hanjuku Kobo was officially founded in 2015 and soon became a top-notch bakery & pastry brand. The brand successfully and profoundly captivates the palates of the public and celebrities.

Hanjuku Kobo's version of the popular Japanese cheesecake

After years of research and development, Hanjuku Kobo comes up with brand new recipes which use high-quality Hokkaido cream cheese, fine Japanese flour and fresh French butter to produce the delicious and delectable cheesecakes and other pastries to give customers high-quality bakery experience and pastry products.

Hanjuku Kobo is currently expanding its business in various overseas countries and regions.

Take a bite in Hanjuku Kobo’s sweet success, start franchising their brand. Please visit Hanjuku Kobo’s website to know more about franchising opportunities.


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