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A union of fashion and lifestyle coffee concept, that was born from fashion lovers and inspired by health trends, art and the fashion icons of our world. It was founded by Elena Weber, a german model turned entrepreneur. This happening and stylish concept is creating a buzz among coffee lovers. Besides making an enjoyable and exceptional blend of handcrafted coffee, they also serve confections, sweets and treats. ICONS Coffee Couture stands out from the crowd with its healthy options and varieties in the current world that has increasing food-related health problems.

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About ICONS Coffee Couture

Icons Coffee Couture is forward-thinking and health-conscious lifestyle Coffee Shop Chain. Icons is famous for its German ‘Bio Kaffee’ and a mix of healthy and indulgent sweets and savories for a balanced lifestyle.

Moreover, their concept borrows heavily from the latest trends in the fashion industry and surprises with a stylish, vibrant, yet welcoming atmosphere and its changing specialty blends of the world’s most exclusive coffees and therefore true Coffee Couture!

Delicious and healthy choices

You can savor delicious food and treats that are absolutely guilt-free and healthy. In other words, their passion to serve a healthy, but joyful lifestyle comes alive in their menu offerings. This includes skinny cakes, guiltless cookies, brownies and sweet waffles for your sweet cravings. Further, they also serve freshly baked savory waffle burgers, delightful buns & tasteful panini’s and refreshing colorful low carb and high protein salads for a more wholesome meal.  Most importantly, all that you find in their menu is sugar-free and only natural sweetened, gluten-free, high protein, vegan to low fat and lower calorie options.

For any further franchising queries please contact ICONS Coffee Couture Brand Manager:

Winona Gagan – winona@worldfranchiseassociates.com

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