IRVINS’ Salted Egg Snacks Taking On The World

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Originating from Singapore, IRVINS is an award-winning gourmet homegrown consumer food brand specialising in a very niche Southeast-Asian delight. They are currently expanding on the global stage, operating in 12 markets worldwide (Including the United Arab Emirates, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the U.S.). They offer a product lineup set on redefining the food industry.

Founded in 2008, over the years IRVINS pivoted and evolved from an F&B restaurant into a modern food CPG startup. With IRVINS’ global reach, category and market leadership, and startup mentality, they welcome franchisees with a builder attitude keen on building things from scratch and help turn a homegrown brand into Singapore’s iconic global consumer brand.

Irvins UAE Offer

Irvins UAE Offer

IRVINS is better know as the Singapore company that popularized salted egg snacks and flavoured snacks like potato chips and fish skin. It was founded by Irvin Gunawan, who was born in Indonesia. He came to Singapore as a child after his parents fled the turmoil that followed the collapse of the Suharto regime.

IRVINS’ range of salted egg snacks, from fish skin to potato chips and cassava chips, took Singapore and Asia by storm when launched. Often referred to as The parmesan of Asia, Salted Egg is a savory umami-flavored seasoning that has been a staple in Asian cuisine since long. The rise in popularity of salted egg has spilled over to outside of Asian supermarkets.


IRVINS is a premium, award-winning Singaporean salted egg snack brand that is family-founded and family-run. The brand specializes in chef-crafted gourmet chips and crispy salmon skin snacks made in small batches using real whole food ingredients commonly found in Southeast Asian culinary dishes, including real salted duck eggs, birdseye chili peppers and fresh aromatic curry leaves. Since launching in 2016 as the world’s original salted egg snack brand, IRVINS Salted Egg Chips and Salted Egg Salmon Skin have gone from having a loyal, cult-like following to being one of the most popular snack brands in Asia. IRVINS is available in 12 major global markets, including Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, US, Canada, Dubai, Taiwan, and the UK.

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