It is hard to resist the Bouza roll ice cream

Who does not like enjoy the delicious dessert – Ice cream? Kids and adults have been crazy about this unique frozen dessert that has been served for generations across the globe. If you have been to a shopping mall or a food court, it is hard to have not noticed the recent trend of frozen rolled fresh ice cream that is prepared right in front of your eyes. And there is one particular brand that stands out with their cheerful vibe and delicious smell of fresh fruits and syrups. It is hard to resist the Bouza roll ice cream when you see one.

The origin of rolled ice cream is believed to have started in Thailand. Soon the craze spread across China, UK, USA and Egypt too. It has different names around the world. For instance the ice pan ice cream or rolled ice cream. Some places also call it the “Stir-fried ice cream”.

Bouza Roll is an instant hit

Bouza Roll is an Egyptian based ice cream company. In the last few years they have grown to over 35 branches across Egypt. Subsequently, they aim to become the number one Thai Ice Cream company in the Middle East. They are offering more localised flavors at an attractive price to suit the local demand. Their bright and fun logo reflects their spirit of cheerfulness.

They prepare it by pouring milk on an iced grill. You can add several different fresh fruits for a healthier choice or choose from a variety of syrups or chocolates. You can watch the ice cream guy crush and blend all the ingredients together with the milk. This mixture freezes instantly when is it spread and rolled for texture. Bouza Roll offers indefinite options for growth in variety of ingredients.

They operate with open and closed Kiosks and also have sit down stores for franchising. In addition, their marketing includes catering to events like birthdays, weddings, engagement and more.

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