JAWS TPK – Korean Street Food To Enjoy


JAWS TPK is an internationally recognized South Korean top street food chain. Going beyond the K-Street food, JAWS TPK is hard at work to promote Korean cuisine upbeat and exciting culture to the whole world.

In addition, JAWS TPK serves premium gimbap, Korean sushi, with health conscious ingredients and their famous topokki, a popular food in Korea that is prepared with rice cakes and a variety of vegetables.

The word TPK or Topokki is the name of a beloved Korean rice cake dish with many variations and a rich history. Literally translated as “stir-fried rice cake”, this dish is made with garaetteok, a cylinder-shaped white rice cake.

Oneof their famous dishes is the K-Gimbap. They call it the quintessential snack food for children, students, and adults. Gimbap is made with rice, seasoned with sesame oil, and placed over dried seaweed filled with a variety of fillings. It is a bite-sized food that is rolled up and sliced to enjoy Gimbap is a staple food item for outings in Korea.

Their website (link) states that nowadays Koreans enjoy K-street food more than traditional, authentic Korean cuisine! The foodie culture for K-Street food is gaining momentum, going beyond the Korean borders. Franchisees are in demand to make this plan happen! Contact details are there on their website.

JAWS TPK Awards:

🦈 No. 1 topokki franchise according to the Brand Customer Satisfaction Index (BCSI) hosted by the Korea Marketing Association
Top 100 Korean Franchises by The Maeil Business Newspaper
🦈 The Ministry of Food & Drug Safety Award
Korean Franchise Association Award

With over 420 outlets in South Korea, the chain also have branches in USA, Vietnam, to name a few.

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