Join a Culinary Expedition with ChefBörek

Crunchy and light, a delight in every bite. We can never have enough of it, and we are talking about creating the börek experience. Join a culinary expedition with ChefBörek and discover the many treats they have to offer.

Their culinary journey began with a passion for delightful research. City after city, street after street, they toiled and experimented tirelessly for many years until we discovered the ultimate börek experience! While it is known as Adana Börek to many, we affectionately call it “Stretchy Börek.” To create this masterpiece, they expertly roll out 18 layers of baklava dough to achieve a thin, stretchy texture and fill it with a delightful blend of three premium, locally sourced cheese varieties of the highest quality.

At ChefBörek, they celebrate the diversity of börek from various regions. From the traditional Bosnian Börek, reminiscent of the one your mother used to make, to the classic favorites like Kol Börek and Su Börek, our menu reflects a wide array of choices for börek enthusiasts. But their innovation didn’t stop there. Over time, they’ve ventured into uncharted territory and introduced exciting new recipes. They began by adding honey and peanut to our Stretchy Börek, followed by an irresistible chocolate version, and finally, an indulgent white chocolate variation. These sweet adaptations of Stretchy Börek are something they take immense pride in presenting to you.

Their quest for extraordinary flavors continues as they explore unconventional combinations. Building on the success of Stretchy Börek, they’ve now paired Bosnian Börek with a creamy yoghurt and buttery sauce, and for those who appreciate bold flavors, they offer a tantalizing cheddar sauce.

At ChefBorek, their passion for börek knows no bounds. They are dedicated to delivering an unforgettable culinary experience, pushing the boundaries of traditional recipes, and sharing our love for börek with each and every bite.

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