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JOIN Juice Bars

A starting, yet promising, juice bar in Greece is making steady progress to become an international brand. ‘Join Juice Bars’ is a self-service bar serving the most eclectic, nutritional and highly creative fresh squeezed juices. It also serves a rich variety of healthy choices, such as smoothies, energy bowls, energy meals, salads, sandwiches, snacks and exceptional coffee. It offers sit-in orders and take-away consumption.

Online reviews praise Join Juice Bars for its great service, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, healthy menu and affordable prices. Their Mediterranean cuisine is also vegetarian friendly, with vegan and gluten free options. Till further notice, their Google ratings hover around 4.6 points which is not easy! Of importance is the fact that they only use fresh fruits and fair-trade coffee.

How ‘JOIN Juice Bars’ Started

Two young brothers, John and Giorgos (George) Mitrakos, dynamic food service entrepreneurs, created Join Juice Bars back in 2014. They started in their hometown, Thessaloniki in Greece and in 2017 expanded to Athens as well.

Now, they strongly believe that their successful concept is ready to travel worldwide. They believe that body and mind must be in balance and harmony, and we should do what is necessary to achieve it.

As of the time of writing those lines, JOIN Juice Bars has seven branches in whole of Greece. They are looking to expand and are looking for franchisees and partners. Visit their FRANCHISE link for more details.

JOIN Juice Bars Franchise Training & Support:

They offer a 1 week training program for the store personnel. They also have an extended program for the franchisee management team. Trainings take place in their training center and stores in Thessaloniki, Greece. They also provide opening support and on-site training.

Official website link.

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