Jon Smith Subs -Serving no junk!

Jon Smith opened his first Jon Smith Subs shop in 1988 in Palm Beach County, South Florida, USA. He wanted to serve the absolute highest-quality overstuffed, marinated grilled sirloin steak and real chicken breast subs.

Jon Smith Subs prepares everything we serve in each store every day. Their sirloin steak and chicken breast are trimmed, sliced, seasoned, marinated, and grilled to order. Their sub sandwich franchise is known for their over-stuffed grilled subs and fresh ingredients.

Jon Smith Subs delivers a flexible franchise solution that can be easily adapted to the recent changes in industry standards. They have over 35 years in the fast food franchise business.

They are able to open location wherever there is visibility and traffic where their fresh grilled menu can support take-out.

John Smith Subs offers a fresh new franchising opportunity with a track record for success, serving high quality subs, right off the grill.

Their tagline, “Love Local, Eat Delicious”, showcases Jon Smith Subs’ culture of investing in their local communities and providing their customers with larger-than-life subs jam packed with flavor.

The brand has created the unique experience of offering flexible menus that uniquely provide “local favorites” from their respective regions, including The Gator, The Cuban, Hot Pastrami, The Reuben, and Cajun Chicken; all offer something for the most discriminating sandwich lover.

Additionally, they have highlighted how they uniquely offer a scratch-made concept that includes freshly baked bread, hand-grilled sandwich ingredients, and crispy french fries.

The unique fast-casual dining experience includes delivering fresh and delicious food right to the table.

Jon Smith Subs

Jon Smith Subs

We Don’t Serve Junk

John Smith Subs offers this simple promise!

NO flap steak or beef knuckles, NO pre-sliced, preserved meats or vegetables, NO pre-cooked steak, NO pre-cooked chicken, NO dehydrated onions, NO gassed tomatoes, NO Tuna “Helper,” NO turkey roll, NO shortcuts, NO bologna, NO BALONEY!

Their steak is sirloin and their chicken is all white breast meat.

Whether you are interested in opening a Jon Smith Subs franchise as a new career or are simply looking for an investment opportunity, you’ll be impressed by the flexibility and growth potential of their model.

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