Joyfully Japanese from Yo!

Yo! has stood out among competition with its unique “kaiten” conveyor belt and vivid, color-coded dishes. In 1997, they shocked London’s Soho and introduced the UK to a new way of eating, and made their debut on the restaurant scene. They continue to support eating in color. Today, there are around 100 restaurants spread out across the globe.

Flavour’s at the core of everything

They only provide real, flavorful, fresh Japanese cuisine. Though famous for Sushi, they also have a tantalizing selection of hot street food available, ranging from time-honored classics to creative fusion specialties. All are filled with all-natural ingredients and rich, aromatic flavors.

Staying fresh

Every meal is served the same day it is prepared. And in their open kitchens, you might even be able to see the chefs preparing your meal.

Japanese at heart

They source the finest ingredients from artisan and specialty vendors. In addition, they only use Yamasa soy sauce, the leading Japanese brand. Also, the top producer of vegetarian miso in the world, Marukome, creates their unique vegetarian miso in Nagano exclusively for them.

Plenty of choice for vegetarian options

Their menu has a one third vegetarian or vegan options. So that you can enjoy your food without sacrificing its quality. 26 of their 32 vegetarian recipes are also vegan.

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