Keep Celebrating with PARTEA

PARTEA is an emerging No.1 fruit tea brand in Singapore. The unique combination of fresh fruit and tea radiates an abundance of positive energy. It adds a sense of freshness in this humid weather, winning millions of hearts among consumers in Singapore.

The Chinese Tea Culture has an enduring history, but it is often hard to find genuine good tasting tea and even harder to find an audience that appreciates tea. Hence, PARTEA integrates alpine with tropical fruits, introducing a sense of vitality into this traditional culture.

Drawing on the freshness of high-quality original tea leaf and the sweet scent of tropical fruits, PARTEA products are all innovative, healthy and delicious!

PARTEA selects only high-quality raw materials and strictly refrains from using unhealthy additives such as low-quality tea leaf, creamer favour, and sugar syrup.

It ensures that each tea drop is refreshing and the flavour is heartwarming.

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