King of Chicken – Pelicana

Pelicana is Korea’s leading fried chicken brand that created Korean Seasoned Fried Chicken. Pelicana uses only premium quality, USDA verified, 100% veggie-fed, all-natural, non-GMO chicken that is raised without cages. Prepared fresh to ensure their customers bite into the freshest, juiciest and most tender chicken ever! Based on this experience, Pelicana is making its best efforts to create a new and healthy food culture.

Experience and bite into the juiciest chicken ever!

Pelicana Chicken’s success is attributed to its variety of delicious sauces, chicken selections, and fresh ingredients. For 37 years, Pelicana has lived up to its reputation for quality, taste, and freshness.

With over 50 variations of chicken offered, along with our famous second-winning Yellow Snowing Cheese Chicken in The 2015’s NY’s Best Wings Championships, Pelicana has it all!

Pelicana’s Global Objectives

Korean Wave that began in Asia and spread to the rest of the world is being recognized as a culture, rather than a passing fad. Korean style and food are taking the world by storm today. Starting with China, Pelicana is advancing into markets in Malaysia, Mongolia, and New York City. Pelicana that created the first Korean Seasoned Fried Chicken is knocking on the door to the global market.

The global chain now has over 3,000 locations. It has been offering premium Korean fried chicken since 1982.

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