Kyochon – Genuine Fried Chicken From Korea


Kyochon is one of the largest Korean fried-chicken restaurant chain in South Korea. They are part of Kyochon F&B Co. Ltd. and was founded in 1991. (Website link)

Kyochon is known as one of the best Korean Fried Chicken in South Korea. Thanks to a successful marketing campaign, the brand rose to fame thanks to ‘Lee Min Ho’. Lee is a famous South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director and businessman. He was an ambassador of the brand and brought it to the lime light.

Lee Min Ho promoting Kyochon Chicken

Lee Min Ho promoting Kyochon Chicken

They share their quality, authentic fried chicken with an average of over 48,000 customers in more than 1,000 locations every day.

Their goal is to bring the Korean flavors of fried chicken to every corner of the world, and take the Kyochon brand  globally.

According to a survey in South Korea in 2020, Kyochon was the most popular Korean fried chicken brand among Millennials and Gen Z in South Korea with 43.2 brand power index (BPI) points. (Source)

About Kyochon

Originated from the old “Hyanggyo” schools, “Kyo” means wisdom and enlightenment.

“Chon” means village or town.

Hyanggyo was an ancient school where Korean ancestors used to study. Every town used to have at least one Hyanggyo school. Many of them reopened as public elementary schools in 1900 in Korea.

As a word, “Kyochon” was chosen as the brand name to express the Korean styled impression.

To study the joy of taste everywhere in Korea, Kyochon was born in Gumi, South Korea, in 1991.

Today, they have their HQ in Osan, Gyeongi-do, South Korea.

In 2015, they opened their world largest outlet in Malaysia at Pavilion KL.

They now have 54 franchises in 15 countries, They can be found in: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, USA, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

If you ever find yourself at one of their outlets, indulge yourself with their honey fried chicken drumstick. You won’t regret it. it might even encourage you to be one of their many franchisees!


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