LeeChaDol, the Hub for K-Food and Beef Brisket

LeeChaDol k-food

LeeChaDol is a Korean Restaurant where you can eat traditional Korean barbecue and some of the finest beef brisket in town. They are a specialized K-food franchise company, founded in March 2017. LEECHADOL intends to become the No. 1 food company in Korea. They are on track to achieve that title with sales of KRW 300 billion within 3 years since launch.

The Hub for K-Food

LEECHADOL is also franchising their line of Korean food and culture. They want to share with the world the Korean culture, from K-food to snacks and traditional barbeque. Starting with their beef brisket specialized restaurant ‘LEECHADOL‘. They also have Indoor stalls that combine Korean, Chinese and Japanese culture ‘888 Pochakaya’.


LEECHADOL also have Yakiniku specialized restaurant ‘lsekai’ under their direct management. In addition, they are expanding their food materials and product distribution. They also work in overseas purchase and distribution business as well as interior and product design business.

LeeChaDol - The Hub for K-Food

LeeChaDol – The Hub for K-Food

LEECHADOL started working in the beef brisket market, a niche market where they changed the recognition of high cost beef brisket menu to become a popular food. They achieved that by providing awesome, customer-focused services. They are reviving the beef brisket market in Korea, becoming the category killer in the lucrative, promising sector.

Going full-speed into franchising, LEECHADOL expanded their reach in Korea and opened 100 restaurants by Dec. 2018. Took them just 2 years after launching to reach that mark. Then they planned to cross 250 restaurants in just one year, by 2019. They also set out a global franchising plan to develop overseas business. Their first international franchisee was in Vietnam, followed by Japan, China, and Thailand. More are on the way.

LeeChaDol - The Hub for K-Food

They are looking for more partners to bring LEECHADOL to more countries and spots around the world. Their plan is endless developing of the LEECHAD0L brand, making it the world’s best food service brand in Korea and beyond.

Download this PDF file for more details on how to contact LEECHADOL to become their franchisee.

To achieve that top spot, LEECHADOL uses only premium beef for short plate, top blade, special beef thin skirt, beef ribs, drug raw beef etc. LEECHADOL supplies all sauces as finished product for quality maintenance. LEECHADOL is always researching new methods to enjoy beef brisket. LEECHADOL is continuously releasing new food menus to appeal to more and more foodies around the world.

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